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Sydney Opera House

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Sydney Opera House
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  • Diverse guided tours inside and outside of the opera house
  • Up to 100 guided tours a day
  • Up to 9.000 guided visitors a day including cruise ships with own tours
  • Many groups parallel
  • 46 persons per group, extension if needed


  • 13 guided groups parallel within the opera house
  • Quick set up and ease of use of the system
  • Best sound quality
  • Big coverage area within and outside the building
  • Fast and easy management of various sizes of visitor groups 
  • “On the fly” Multimedia application – Audio from video screens should be transmitted via the system, with guide talking over audio to the participants, with inbuilt Audio Ducking DSP
  • Reliable system for daily use and abuse by participants
  • Zero tolerance to RF interference from Sydney Harbour


  • Multimedia application: audio from video screens is transmitted to the guests via a Unite TP as sub-Master
  • Group size can be managed quickly by, adding additional receivers in the charger
  • Up to 32 guided tours parallel
  • DSP for optimal speech intelligibility and audio quality
  • Up to 300 m coverage
  • Easy maintenance and monitoring via network Cockpit charger with PC and Unite Manager software


  • 700 x Unite RP bodypack receiver
  • 40 x Unite TP bodypack transmitter
  • 60 x Unite CC-12P cockpit rack charger
  • Unite manager software
  • Headphones
  • Neckworn microphones
  • Network switches
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