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Robust Power Solutions for a Killer AV System (Nov.5)


Eden Prairie, Minnesota


Thu Nov 05 2020

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Power. It is the single most important part of AV that gets ignored more than any other aspect. Appropriate power management leads to more robust and reliable AV Systems. Power management can be done correctly with a handful of well implemented decisions during the design and installation phase. This session will help participants learn how to add power management to their AV Systems. From DC distribution to choosing the right AC power distribution system and from network power management to which UPS is the right one for this implementation, AV power solutions will be thoroughly explained. When leaving this course, you will feel confident in discussing and designing the best power solutions for AV installations. 

0.5 RU CTS, 0.5 RU CTS-I, 0.5 RU CTS-D

November 5, 2020 12:00 pm CT

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