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Electro-Voice extends X-Line Advance family with X12-125F flying subwoofer – global launch at ISE 2017 in Amsterdam
Posted on Tuesday, February 7, 2017


Electro-Voice is pleased to announce the latest member of the X-Line Advance line-array loudspeaker family: the X12-125F flying subwoofer – a dual 15-inch system equipped with high-output EV-engineered transducers delivering 9600 W output. The X12-125F features the family’s innovative Integrated Rigging System for quick, secure and seamless deployment in arrays, and is sonically matched to the other members of the family: X1 and X2 (high-performance) full-range models, and the X12-128 ground-stacking dual 18-inch subwoofer. The X12-125F can also be used in ground-stacked configurations, making it a versatile choice for rental companies and mobile applications, as well as fixed installations including live performance venues and houses of worship. Its very compact, lightweight 18-ply Baltic birch enclosure is finished in EVcoat for superior durability.

About X-Line Advance

The X-Line Advance line-array loudspeaker system from Electro-Voice delivers a unique combination of SPL, bandwidth, coverage and scalability to precisely address the widest range of professional live sound applications. Designed in close collaboration with audio professionals from across the touring and installed sound industries, its innovative, highly efficient two-way design (X1 and X2 models) provides a level of performance normally associated with much larger and heavier three-way systems (therefore reducing power requirements to achieve similar results), while its compact, lightweight form and Integrated Rigging System save time, money and manpower in transit and setup. Coupled with the most powerful subwoofers EV has ever made, no other line-array system available today offers a more impressive return on investment with such uncompromising sound quality.

The X-Line Advance family currently consists of two-way vertical line-array loudspeaker elements providing 90- or 120-degree horizontal coverage, the powerful dual 18-inch X12-128 ground-stacking subwoofer, the TG7 system power and processing rack, and a complete package of rigging and transport materials. The new X12-125F subwoofer complements existing X-Line Advance models in a wide range of possible system configurations:

  • Flown three-way system with X1 or X2 mains and X12-125F as subwoofer
  • Flown four-way system with X1 or X2 mains, with X12-125F flown next to mains in LF mode and X12-128 as ground-stacked subwoofer
  • Flown three-way system with X1 or X2 mains and X12-125F above mains as subwoofer in single flown array
  • Flown four-way system with X1 or X2 mains and X12-125F above mains in LF mode in single flown array with X12-128 ground stacked as subwoofer
  • Ground-stacked three-way configuration with X12-125F as the base of the ground stack in subwoofer mode, with X1 or X2 above as mains
  • Ground-stacked four-way configuration with X12-125F as the base of the ground stack in LF mode, with X1 or X2 above as mains and X12-128 as center mono subwoofer array

The X12-125F is available in the Americas in April, 2017; in Europe, Middle East and Africa in May, 2017; and in Asia in June, 2017.

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