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Small Boxes, Big Problems at InfoComm
Posted on Friday, June 27, 2014

We had some big problems to solve at InfoComm 2014. Here are a few of the more notable ones, and how our new problem solvers, the TD series optical fiber converters, came to the rescue.

Problem: My Dante system can only go so far given my existing network. How can I extend it?

Solution: The answer is optical fiber, by way of our TD-6010 converter. Simply plug your Dante system into a gigabit Ethernet SFP module on one port and an optical cable into the optic SFP on the other port, and it's done. Dante extended, for miles.

Problem: Just once, I’d like to have enough serial data communications for DMX lighting control.

Solution: Try six universes of DMX lighting control over a single fiber pair. The problem solver? Our new TD-1580/ TD-1581, which pins out the clock, data? and control channels of the standard EIA-530 interface completely independent of one another to solve a myriad of serial data communications problems.

Problem: Switching between consumer and professional video formats is such a hassle. There must be an easier way to do this.

Solution: Definitely. You can go from SD/HD-SDI to HDMI by changing out SFP modules in the TD-6010, for example. The TD-6010 and industrial equivalent, the FOI-6010, can be used to convert and transmit a number of different types of signals: HDMI/DVI to fiber, fiber to MADI, 4K UHD video to MADI or fiber, to name just a few.

Problem: How can I get line-level, stereo audio over short or long distances without it sounding garbled?

Solution: Optical fiber is the way to go because you have none of the interference issues that degrade audio over copper cable. And, our new TD-7280 can get it there. This small box converts line level audio (balanced or unbalanced) to optical fiber for transport from point to point, across a distributed chain or through an intercom system.

Problem: But what about getting audio from a main site to several remote locations?

Solution: No problem. The TD-7280 can be set up in a master/slave broadcast configuration, so you can drop off audio in multiple locations, virtually anywhere. With push-to-talk, the TD-7280 also can be set up as an intercom loop for signaling and paging locations.

Problem: I need a fast and easy way to send serial data control for camera pan, tilt and zoom. Can you help?

Solution: You bet. The 

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