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LightViper™ Connects Centennial Hall in Wroclaw Poland
Posted on Wednesday, December 7, 2011

 Annapolis Jct., MD, December 1, 2011.  The original construction of Centennial Hall in Wroclaw, Poland was completed in May 1913. At this time, Centennial Hall was considered a pioneering example of large reinforced concrete design & construction, becoming a key reference in the later development of reinforced concrete structures. Centennial Hall is a UNESCO listed building, and is a world heritage (historical) listed building. Being a historical building presented additional challenges during the recent renovation which began in early 2011 and will be completed by the end of 2011. The new AV system installed in Centennial Hall will be used for everyday tourist & visitor shows, and for supporting large conferences, concerts and sporting events.


Tommex Sp. J. handled the installation of the new audio systems. Marcin Zimny of Tommex had this to say about the LightViper™ systems, “We chose the LightViper™ for several reasons. First, we had runs from FOH to the main amplifier room of over 200m. Second, this is a UNESCO protected building, so we had to be as non-invasive as possible. Lastly, our runs needed to be very close to other system cables including power, and we had to be sure the system was immune to electromagnetic interference, etc. We could not have overcome these challenges using copper or CAT5 cabling”.


The installation includes (2) LightViper™ VIM-1808/0808 systems (8x8 audio transport over fiber) as well as LightViper™ EF2 systems (Ethernet to fiber converters). The first VIM-1808/0808 system carries the signals from the Allen & Heath digital console to the Dynacord P64 in the main amp room, digital the entire path input to output. The EF2’s carry the control information, converting the Ethernet to fiber and back again. The third VIM-1808/0808 system is for portable use, connecting to a panel on the main floor to the Amp room as well.

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