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LightViper™ Scores touchdown for Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum
Posted on Wednesday, November 30, 2011
LightViper™ Scores touchdown for Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum

 Annapolis Jct., MD, November 30, 2011.  During the summer of 2011, the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum purchased and installed a new LED video display located on the west side of the stadium. Before then, ever since the 1984 Olympics, all of the speakers in the stadium were located on the east side of the stadium. Obviously having the new LED video display on one side of the stadium with the sound emanating from the other side was not going to work. The technical staff at the coliseum, in conjunction with Meyer Sound Labs, designed a new speaker system to be built into the area along with the new video display on the west side of the stadium. According to Derek Thatcher, IT Manager for the LA Coliseum, “The next problem was how to get the main audio feed from the press box to the dozens of speakers located near the video display, and to do it in a manner that gave us exceptional audio quality that would allow us to get the most out of our speaker system. The answer was a simple – an 8x8 LightViper™ fiber optic transport system.”


A single LightViper™ VIM-1808 accepts the main audio feed in the press box. A 1500 ft. run of duplex fiber carries the signal from the fiber optic output of the VIM-1808 in the press box to a single VIM-0808 which is located near the LED video display. The outputs of the VIM-0808 then feed a Meyer Sound Galileo speaker processing unit, which in turn feeds all of the speakers.


Derek added “We didn’t know much about fiber optics, but we were told it was the only way to go. The LightViper system was a breeze to install, and is as easy to use as a piece of copper wire. We’re very pleased we chose LightViper. It’s the backbone of our entire sound system, and our system sounds fantastic!”

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