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Juice Goose

Since 1983 Juice Goose has been a leading manufacturer of electric power conditioning, distribution and control equipment. Markets include commercial audio-video, security and telecommunications.

Model: RX 50

The RX 50 features the non sacrificial Juice Goose Hybrid Filter Technology to improve performance of electronic components and protect against dangerous power line surges on the hot, neutral and grou
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Juice Goose Offers 2,700 Watt UPS
Posted on Monday, October 24, 2016
Juice Goose Offers 2,700 Watt UPS

On Line, Double Conversion UPS

SCV 30001 is rated at 2,700 watts.

This high efficiency UPS converts 90% of available current (amps) into real work (watts), reducing equipment and operating costs. 

True double conversion UPS architecture completely buffers connected loads from incoming disturbances on AC line and neutral. This design also provides unconditional voltage stability regardless of problems on the local utility grid. 

Easy to read LCD display provides real-time indication of all major system parameters and status, including load and battery levels and fault signals. Communications options allow remote monitoring and management. 

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