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Revolabs to Offer New Line of RF-Armor Wireless Microphones
Posted on Tuesday, February 12, 2008


Revolabs, the leading provider of wireless audio products for enhancing collaboration, today announced a new line of wireless microphones with RF-Armor technology. The new Revolabs RF-Armor Wireless Microphones are impervious to Radio Frequency (RF) interference, allowing them to be used in direct contact with all wireless electronic devices known to cause unwanted audio interference, such as GSM mobile phones, smart phones and more.
While Revolabs current wireless microphones have very high RF immunity and are not affected by mobile device noise in normal conferencing situations, certain end-user customers wanted more. Some corporations are even demanding that their wireless microphones tolerate GSM devices placed directly on top of the microphones.    
“Revolabs has shipped more than 20,000 microphones and the built-in tolerance for normal GSM noise has proven to be acceptable to most customers,” said J.P. Carney, COO of Revolabs. “However, we have broadened our product line to include an RF-Armor version with exceptionally robust shielding which enables the microphone to operate cleanly even when in direct contact with the ”noisiest”  digital devices. More choice is always better for the consumer to best match their needs with the appropriate product.”
The Revolabs RF-Armor Wireless Microphones are available immediately in both wearable and tabletop models. The RF-Armor version of the Revolabs Wireless Microphones is backwards compatible with any Revolabs Executive Wireless Microphone System. 
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