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Chief’s flat panel swing arm mounts allow users to watch a plasma TV from several different viewing points for maximum flexibility.

At Chief Manufacturing we know that there are many benefits to mounting a flat panel TV, and for more than 30 years we’ve been designing innovative solutions for every application. Chief’s innovative mounts offer the latest technology for easy installation and increased viewing benefits.


When Jaime Freyria of BASE NTX was confronted with an installation challenge in a home in Mexico City, he turned to Chief for the solution. BASE NTX is dedicated to installing integrated audiovisual systems in residential and office environments, and this particular client wanted to be able to watch his plasma TV screens from several different viewing points. Freyria chose Chief mounts for the project because, "I consider Chief mounts to be the best mounts on the market," he said. "They are very easy to install and the price is affordable."


Chief’s PDRU™ Universal Dual Swing Arm Mount and the FWD110™ Dual Swing Arm Mount were the perfect solution to provide Freyria’s client with maximum viewing flexibility. The PDRU has dual supporting arms that extend more than 37" (94 cm) from the wall, while remaining low profile in the home position. Chief’s exclusive ClickConnect™ mounting system provides simplified, tool-less latching with an audible click so you can be sure that your screen is mounted in place. The FWD is perfect for small flat panel TVs up to 26", providing an ergonomic viewing solution with excellent adjustability.


In the end, Freyria’s client was very happy with the installation and his new ability to watch his plasma from multiple positions in the room. BASE NTX even won an award for the installation. "As I said before, Chief mounts are the best in the industry," Freyria said.
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