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Stability Found for Control Room Using Kontour

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Stability Found for Control Room Using Kontour
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Petrochemical Pipeline Services manages 1000 km of pipelines through the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany in a control room that is used 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

When moving to a new facility in Elsoo, Netherlands, the control room needed to be updated. They worked with Houben Souren to plan the project based on certain objectives, including:

  • Create a comfortable and ergonomic workspace
  • Desk needs to be height adjustable to accommodate sit and stand working
  • Complete interior design including all technical equipment
  • Workstations and servers should not be in the control room
  • Touch interaction
  • Up to the most most modern standards of engineering
  • High demands of safety and reliability


Since the desk in the control room is height adjustable, they needed a flexible but stable system of monitor mounts that would perform safely and reliably. After trying alternatives, they found Chief’s Kontour multi-monitor grommet mount, the K3G320B, was a great match.

“As this was installed through the desk, the system provided the flexibility we needed to install 6 displays and remain stable,” said Etienne Souren, director and owner of Houben Souren. “The telescopic arms ensure that the displays align perfectly and the cable management covers gave us the professional finish we were looking for.”


The employees of PPS are very happy with the end result, said Berry van Kooi, Managing Director.

“When you move, you know what you leave behind, but it’s very exciting to see what you’ll find in your new workplace,” said van Kooi. “With the excellent planning of Houben Souren, my team now works in a comfortable new place where they can perform in a good and safe environment.”

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