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“In the large lecture hall, the film club has already held a film festival to show their work. High-school students also used the facility for projection mapping in the Information Category of the 40th National High School Culture Festival [Hiroshima Soubun]. The renovation can certainly benefit both the university and the local community in addition to providing a higher quality learning experience.”

– Yuji Takamura, General Affairs Section, General Affairs & Finance Division
Municipal University Corporation Hiroshima City University

Why Choose Panasonic?

  • - High Brightness and Excellent Picture Quality: With high 20,000:1 contrast and brightness, there’s no need to dim the lights in the lecture hall,
    as projected images are vivid enough even with the lighting on. Presenters can easily look at their materials and focus on their presentation, while
    the audience can comfortably take notes.
  • - Quick Operation: The Quick Start/Quick Off function prevents malfunctions caused by turning on the projector from the main switch, and reduces
    energy consumption during periods of non-operation.

Introduction of Laser Projector at Hiroshima City University

Hiroshima City University’s philosophy is to become an international university contributing to world peace and to the prosperity of the community through education and research in science and art. In 1994, the university opened faculties of International Studies, Information Sciences, and Arts. Two decades later, facilities are renovated with Panasonic projection systems including a 12,000 lm 3-Chip DLP™ SOLID SHINE Laser projector in the large lecture hall.

Better Talks and Lectures for Everybody

“We consider it urgent business to renovate our aging facilities, not just for our instructors and students, but also to enhance the experience of guests attending our academic conferences and other events,“ says Yuji Takamura, Manager of General Affairs Section, General Affairs & Finance Division.

Panasonic DLP™ laser projectors are now at the center of the classroom. The Ichidai Intellectual Triathlon initiative is one example where Panasonic technology is enriching the learning experience, with students encouraged to read books, watch movies, appreciate artwork, and write reviews in line with university’s objective of developing a culture of sensitivity.

“With requests for more efficient maintenance, faster startup speed, and better picture quality, the laser projectors were the perfect replacement to answer these needs,“ said Mr. Takamura.

Introduction of a PT-RZ12KJ 3-Chip DLP™ SOLID SHINE Laser projector in the large lecture hall is the first such adoption in an educational institution in Japan.

The new equipment projects clear pictures on a large 250-inch screen
without requiring the lights in the seating area to be dimmed.

PT-RZ12KJ introduced in the projection booth, opposite the screen.

Learning is Easy with the Lights On

The PT-RZ12KJ employed in the lecture hall has 12,000 lm of brightness with high 20,000:1 contrast. With this kind of imaging power, there’s no need to darken the lecture hall, as picture projection is bright and vivid enough for comfortable visibility. “This means presenters can focus on their presentation skills and look at their materials, and the audience can easily take notes, enhancing participants’ understanding and concentration,“ Mr. Takamura said.

No Lamp Failures, Replacement, or Maintenance
Brings Peace of Mind for Instructors

Thirteen lamp-based projectors in classrooms and lecture halls have been replaced with SOLID SHINE Laser projectors, meaning lamp maintenance is no longer necessary. “We don’t need to keep a stock of different kinds of replacement lamps,“ says Mr Takamura. “Previously, when a staff member contacted administration to notify us that a projector lamp bulb has burned out, we always had to provide a portable replacement projector during maintenance. This extra work is no longer necessary.“

In addition to the PT-RW630JW, Panasonic 55-inch TH-55LFE8J displays mirror content for students at the back of the class.

Convey Messages with Beautiful Picture Quality

According to Mr. Takamura, before replacing classroom projectors with Panasonic SOLID SHINE Laser, there were many requests for better picture quality from students participating in lessons incorporating film and visual art. “Now, we don’t get any comments like that. I think we’ve improved the learning and study environment.“

Improved Time and Energy Efficiency

Conventional lamp-based projectors take around a minute to start up, and also require cool-down time to prevent damage. SOLID SHINE Laser, meanwhile, has a Quick Start/Quick Off function, delivering full brightness in just a few seconds, and is fully protected from damage when switched on and off repeatedly. Various standby modes reduce energy consumption when not in use. “Efficiency in energy conservation and cost certainly appeals to us,“ says Mr. Takamura.

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