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Not-So-Good Vibrations

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Not-So-Good Vibrations
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When eHealth Saskatchewan needed to design, supply and install an upgraded audiovisual system for a large boardroom in Regina, they were under a tight timeline. An executive meeting was on the books and they needed the new projector system installed quickly. The system would include a projector, screen, wireless access and a control system.

Inland AV worked fast to coordinate the orders and installation with time to spare. They created a new boardroom within four weeks. After the installation, though, a meeting showed a weakness in the system. The presentations on the screen were shaking slightly due to the HVAC system. 


The CMA347 Vibration Isolating Coupler accessory was quickly ordered and installed to eliminate the vibration problems with the projector.

Ken Datzkiw, marketing manager for Inland AV, said the main reason they use Chief is technicians like working with them. There are no surprises on-site for Chief solutions, and  many are flexible enough to adjust if the location isn’t ideal.

With time of the essence, they knew Chief mounts would allow for quick installation.


“They were really happy when we came in and  quickly installed their system and happy when we were able to follow up,” Datzkiw said. “Changing the mount and putting in a specialized solution is a lot cheaper than doing a new venting system.”

eHealth Saskatchewan was pleased with the results and Inland AV’s professionalism with getting the job done fast. 

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