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Infrared Technology Eliminates Cross Interference for Park Tours

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Infrared Technology Eliminates Cross Interference for Park Tours
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Infrared Technology Eliminates Cross Interference for Park Tours
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The Challenge

Quranic Park, located in Dubai, offers visitors the chance to learn more about the plants and miracles mentioned in the Quran. The Cave of Miracles is one of the major attractions in the Park and includes audio and interactive displays in multiple languages throughout seven irregularly shaped rooms.

Delivering audio in this type of environment created several challenges, the first of which was to ensure the audio content remained in the room and did not interfere with other sections of the exhibit. Another challenge was delivering clear audio evenly throughout the unique shape of each room while providing an easy way for visitors to select their preferred language. The Park worked with NMK Electronics to find the right audio solution.

The Solution

NMK Electronics recommended using Williams AV's infrared (IR) assistive communication solution because of the easy installation, exceptional audio quality, audio containment within rooms, and easy-to-use audio receivers for visitors. NMK Electronics installed IR transmitters in each of the seven areas. The IR transmitters flood each space with audio without interfering with adjoining areas and ensure that visitors receive clear audio regardless of where they are in the room. In addition, the handheld receivers' simple design makes it easy for visitors to select their preferred language, facilitating an inclusive experience for all. Abdul Hadi, NMK’s Business Communication Unit Brand Manager, comments, "Visitors were very happy with the translation system, and it’s capability to provide real-time translatable audio that is easily understood.”


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