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ACE Backstage Co., Inc.

ACE BACKSTAGE CO., INC. makes a full product line of flush stage pockets (floor pockets/floor boxes) which provide utility, convenience, and easy installation. Ace Custom Stage Pockets include built to order custom panels with engraving and connector loading, providing the system integrator or installer an economical "one stop" completed pocket/panel/connector assembly.

Model: Tall Tabs

Colored Tabs are mounted behind CONNECTRIX Connectors in ACE Wall, Rack, or Stage Pocket Panels to increase connectivity recognition or update exisiting panels.
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Portable CSM Microphones are Compatible with Gen 4 Audio Technica Wireless
Posted on Tuesday, October 23, 2018
Portable CSM Microphones are Compatible with Gen 4 Audio Technica Wireless

Dual application Choir Stick Microphones (CSMw) work along with many existing wireless systems by replacing the headset, handheld, or lapel microphone transmitter. Typically paired together with Audio Technica Pro Wireless and Digital Systems, the CSMw is also compatible with the new generation 4 wireless series with the use of an additional adaptor cable.

Our exclusive partnership with Audio-Technica and SHURE allows ACE Backstage Co. to fabricate branded components into portable CSMs only available from ACE. 

Constructed of a black aluminum alloy, and fitted with three points of articulation, both the 40” and 60” models are able to adjust to an exact placement requirement. A unique clutch configuration allows the boom to fully extend without tipping over and easily mounts onto a standard microphone clip on any standard microphone stand. The choice of polar patterns allows customization for specific applications, requiring fewer microphones and exceptional sound quality with rear sound rejection, and no spotlighting.

The slender appearance and excellent response, combined with flexibility to use the microphone in a wired or wireless application, makes the ACE Choir Stick Microphone the best value in the industry.  Current promotional bundling offered during the holiday performance season, brings even more value to qualified ACE Dealers.

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