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Posted on Thursday, September 3, 2009


Consumers can manage an entire room with the touch of a button and eliminate the clutter of multiple remotes and keypads


DALLAS, Aug. 31 /PRNewswire/ – As homes and businesses become more complex, there is a need to simplify building automation and management by eliminating the clutter of multiple control devices. To help with this, Texas Instruments Incorporated (TI) (NYSE: TXN - News) today announced that its OMAP(TM) technology powers AMX's automation and control panels. The Modero ViewPoint touch panels (MVP-5000 series), Modero wall/flush mount touch panels (NXD-500i and NXD-430 series) and the Metreau Entry Communicator devices are sleek, single-system automation panels that seamlessly manage electronics, lighting, temperature, video/audio conferences, Internet and more for homes, theatre systems, hotel rooms, meeting and conference rooms, classrooms or restaurants. TI's OMAP processor provides advanced processing performance and extended battery life for crisp, life-like video and graphics for these latest products. For more information, please visit and

The ARM® and digital signal processor (DSP) processing architecture offered by the OMAP device enables AMX to deliver advanced graphical user interfaces (GUIs) so consumers can navigate on-screen functions with multiple windows, monitor remote security cameras and control audio and video equipment at the same time. Additionally, the multi-core design of the OMAP processor simultaneously supports numerous functions, such as video encoding/decoding and playback, 2D/3D graphics and audio. This gives AMX the edge in designing multi-functional touch panels with exceptional system efficiency to instantly run applications without compromising performance. With several power modes from full-powered to processor shutdown, the Modero ViewPoint touch panels for instance, take advantage of the sophisticated power management framework to yield greater energy savings by turning off unused peripherals based on the user's activity and modes of operation.

"We are dedicated to developing flexible, compact and innovative solutions that allow consumers to easily automate their entire home or corporate environment from managing audio and video equipment, changing the thermostat, checking who is at the front door to making a phone call with just a single touch of a button," said Robert Noble, Chief Technology Officer, AMX. "By working with TI, we are able to address customer's growing demands for products featuring the latest, cutting-edge technologies that are easy to operate to ultimately simplify their lives."

Complete system-level solution
AMX leverages a complete system-level solution from TI, ranging from the OMAP applications processor to a full complement of analog ICs, including power management, interface, audio, touch screen control and logic devices. The combined solutions pave the way for AMX's signature ultra-light, ergonomic designs to integrate the fastest video processing, intuitive GUIs with photo-realistic graphics and low power consumption levels on a single platform.

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