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Aurora Multimedia products incorporate state-of-the-art technologies that surpass typical specifications and features. Our history of innovation – from the introduction of the industry’s first non-proprietary, Web-standards-based IP control systems and touch panels, to today’s advanced HDBaseT™ and IPBaseT™ IP video distribution solutions – has made us a dominant force in the AV industry.
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AURORA MULTIMEDIA Announces 4 ReAX IP Control Units
Posted on Tuesday, February 11, 2020

Aurora Multimedia will be showing 4 ReAX™ IP Control System box units running on Linux. The RXC-1, RXC-3, RXS-1, and RXC-4 are the world’s first ReAX based control boxes offering a variety of ports and processing power.

The ReAX control units are a web-based IP control system. Aurora’s free ReAX™ Core Studio software allows for custom programming and GUIs. Once loaded into the web server of a ReAX product, virtually any device with a web browser will display the GUI and control the system. Examples include PC browsers, dedicated touch panels like the Aurora RXT series tablets, smart phones and more.

The small size and flexible of the architecture allow the controllers to be used as a full standalone controller, an expansion controller, or a hybrid of the 2. This allows for a distributed control network – place control ports right where they are needed in your system rather than long cable runs from a central location.

The RXC IP control systems have a full complement of LAN, RS-232, relay, I/O, and IR ports for controlling external devices. An IR receiver enables the internal IR learner – no extra hardware required. In addition to network control and access to the GUI and configuration web pages, the LAN port is also capable of power over Ethernet (PoE), eliminating the need for an additional power supply.



The RXS-1 is a powerful Intel® Core i5 processor, 8GB RAM, an 128GB SSD which is not only a ReAX server for control of an entire facility but the IPBaseT server for control of Aurora’s AV over IP products like the VLX and IPX series.




ReAX™ is the industry’s first non-proprietary IP Control based on AV/IT industry standards. The name ReAX™ represents action/reaction which is the essence of control automation. ReAX™ is unique since it is not limited to a single manufacturer but to all who qualify. This is for the first-time, interoperability of not just protocols and structure, but the actual code itself.

IR libraries, macros, and more can all be shared and organized in a single location at the organizations’ website

ReAX™ server-side operations is based on JavaScript™. This language standard is taught in schools and commonly used on most websites. Client-side operations for touch panels and web interfaces can be HTML, JavaScript, etc. To the end user, it will appear and operate as any other control system and much more. For the first time, integrators will not have to rely on proprietary training courses and the required investment of time and money. Being part of ReAX™ will allow integrators and end users to have choices; what makes sense for their installation. 

For further information e-mail or call 732-591-5800.


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