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Barix IP Control Solutions Enhance Village Worker Building Management Systems
Posted on Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Cost-reducing, highly flexible Barionet solutions automate data collection, environmental monitoring, access control and more for commercial and residential spaces


ZURICH/MINNEAPOLIS, January 7, 2015 — Village Worker, a design and integration firm specializing in efficient building management, is helping commercial and residential customers significantly reduce utility costs through Barix IP control and automation solutions.  Village Worker customizes building management systems for each end user, employing automatic, real-time networked solutions to eliminate inefficient, manual environmental monitoring processes. 


Using Barix Barionet IP solutions, Village Works builds end-to-end control and automation architectures that trigger actions based on data readings from a variety of connected devices.  Specifically, Village Works takes advantage of the Barionet’s ability to network a wide range of sensors to monitor temperatures, water usage and occupancy, helping end users make informed decisions.


“The Barionet is the core solution between the equipment we are controlling and the instruments generating signals to understand building environments,” said Lali Singh, president, Village Worker.  “Our customers save money and effort by having an automated, IP-enabled solution to monitor temperature and humidity levels, detect water leaks and enable access integration.  The Barionet gives us an open-source solution to collect and analyze data, interface with a multitude of systems and trigger actions based on setpoints that keep buildings running efficiently.”


Village Worker relies on the Barionet’s BCL programming language from Barix for flexibility, providing the freedom to design building management systems that uniquely suit each environment.  For example, Village Worker often integrates Barionet with water flow meters to monitor usage with every pulse, helping businesses and homeowners understand how they can reduce waste and save money. 


On the commercial side, Village Worker often customizes pool instrumentation solutions for hotels and resorts, integrating the Barionet with Dectron Dry-O-Tron pool systems to monitor water and air temperature, water flow, power fluctuations, compressor pressure and alarm contacts.  According to Singh, the Barionet has been as useful for solving problems at the commissioning stage as it is for ongoing reliability across alarming, trending and data collection and charting.


“We recently used the Barionet at a resort in Santa Fe to install temperature sensors at the incoming and outgoing water flow points of a large swimming pool, for the purpose of understanding the efficiency of Airtherm fan coils

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