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YourBrand YourMusic providing custom corporate music with Audio-over-IP solutions from Barix
Posted on Wednesday, April 11, 2012
Stuttgart-based service provider is generating substantial value-add for its customers with Barix technology and music programmes geared towards target groups ZURICH, SWITZERLAND, March 2012 — The IP audio technology from Barix AG is a key component in the product range from full-service provider YourBrand YourMusic - who have been supplying their customers with premium, brand-specific music programmes since 2005. YourBrand YourMusic sees itself as an agent for all the needs of professional music usage – from correctly licensed telephone queuing music to deployment throughout the entire value-add chain of premium quality brands. YourBrand YourMusic ( develops the very personal acoustic image of a brand in line with the mood it is to convey – with a sense of style and a high level of brand awareness. In addition, the committed team made up of music editors, DJs and programmers provide more than 30 sector programmes with high quality background music that is distributed online and updated daily. YourBrand YourMusic recommends its hardware solution, developed in-house and based on the Barix Exstreamer, for secure and extremely reliable reception of programmes at the most diverse of customer locations - from the hotel lobby to the doctor’s practise and the retail industry. "Our customers receive from us fully preconfigured plug & play devices that can start playing as soon as all the necessary connections are plugged in. Barix devices have long since proven to be extremely reliable, and at the same time flexible transport channels for our individual music programmes", comments Holger Dietz, owner and CEO of YourBrand YourMusic. "Barix offers precisely the high level of service quality that our customers appreciate from us", continues Dietz. "As a rule, precise configurability of the Exstreamer makes redundant cost-intensive on-site installation by ourselves. And if there really is a problem, we simply pick up the phone to speak directly to an expert. Even the Barix devices installed many years ago are still running smoothly and extremely reliably." Compared to streaming onto a customer PC solution (also available from YourBrand YourMusic), Dietz considers the Barix components to be the far more reliable solutions - that pay for themselves quickly given the much lower power costs. Unlike a PC, the Barix Exstreamer also features diverse remote control options. The product portfolio ranges from the Volume & Source Control Panel (VSC), often installed near the checkout area in the textile retail trade for example, to the custom touch-screen controller, for which YourBrand YourMusic offers a graphical user interface (programmed in-house) for intuitive programme selection. This solution includes useful features such as a "Happy Birthday" button that can deliver the appropriate music on demand – perfect for use in the gastronomy sector. One of the most ambitious projects undertaken recently by YourBrand YourMusic is the comprehensive collaboration with fashion label Strenesse for the introduction of new collections. The service offering of the company here ranges from specific music selection for the initial fashion shows, and the supply of music for the large order shows around the globe, to subsequent custom background sound reproduction in the retail industry and for online videos. The Audio-over-IP technology from Barix is of course used in diverse ways in this project too. "YourBrand YourMusic is a particularly good example of the high level of value-add that can be attained for Barix users for themselves and equally for their customers through the flexibility, reliability and efficiency of our technology", says Johannes Rietschel, CEO and founder of Barix. "Discerning premium brands with individual music requirements benefit just as much as customers requiring the latest low cost music streaming for their stores."
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