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New Aavelin SignMate Supplies Signage Solutions in Small Spaces
Posted on Monday, November 19, 2007
New Aavelin SignMate Supplies Signage Solutions in Small Spaces

The new Aavelin SignMate provides the functionality, ease of use and reliability of the current Aavelin offering in a new, compact design, perfect for mounting behind displays. SignMate brings all of the power of the Aavelin AV 400P into a smaller package. Use text, graphics, Flash, crawl lines, logo graphics, and a host of available options including RSS feeds, weather forecasts, and database integration to make your digital signs as dynamic and attention-grabbing as possible. With Ethernet support built-in, SignMate can turn any display into a dynamic, networked resource for easy, frequent updates and even emergency notifications. Includes our intuitive Aavelin Composer software for content management, design, and scheduling.

Supports 4:3 and 16:9 aspect ratios, landscape or portrait orientation, at resolutions up to 1376 x 768 using a 15-pin VGA or DVI output. Physical dimensions: 8.7"x 5.3"x 1.7"

For pricing and more information, contact MagicBox directly at 541-752-5654 or e-mail sales.

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