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Contemporary Research - 232-ATSC 4K
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HDTV Tuner (Replaces 232-ATSC 4)

Series: Digital Tuners

Model: 232-ATSC 4K

Part #: 001-5114-001

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The 232-ATSC 4K is our 5th-generation HDTV tuner, adds new capabilities to the industry-standard 232-ATSC series. New features include video output scaling up to 4K, ability to decode channels up to 1080p, and in a future free firmware release, the option for IP streaming via Ethernet output. The new tuner is fully compatible the previous 232-ATSC 4 tuner for control, operation and rack mounting.

The integrator-friendly HDTV tuner is controllable with 2-way RS-232 and IP Telnet, as well as wireless and wired IR commands. An onboard Web page enables remote Web control. A menu-driven display simplifies setup, and a front-panel USB port allows for easy firmware updates. The new compact enclosure allows mounting of two tuners in a single rack space.

A universal TV tuner, the 232-ATSC 4 can receive both analog and digital MPEG-2/MPEG-4 channels, in ATSC, NTSC and clear QAM formats. Using an optional RF switcher, the tuner can switch between antenna and cable feeds.

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