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Turn your 4K camera into 4 HD cameras for a Live Production Application
Posted on Wednesday, March 30, 2016
Turn your 4K camera into 4 HD cameras for a Live Production Application

Whittier, CA - March 30th 2016 Datavideo, a leading manufacturer of live video production equipment, is proud to announce a new product, which revolutionizes the way 4K cameras are used for live video productions. The KMU-100 is a unique 4K multi-camera production solution that delivers multiple virtual full HD (up to 1080p) scaled camera angles with minimal installation cost and simple operation.  
The basic concept is straightforward: The output of a single 4K/UHD camera is connected to KMU-100, which then displays up to four 16x9 user-defined cropped windows that are sent out as four separate HD signals through HD-SDI. These user defined windows can be scaled to zoom in on a particular subject that you would like to highlight on the 4K signal. An additional 4K camera could be connected to allow up to eight defined outputs from the two 4K signals. As an option, the Datavideo RMC-180 camera controller can be added to easily pan, tilt, and zoom to create the user defined windows on the 4K signal. You can set up these shots in advance and save them as presets, or you can do it in real-time.
For example, if you wanted to broadcast a live three-piece band concert using a 4K camera; simply set up the 4K/UHD camera with a wide angle shot, then connect the camera output to the KMU-100. Use the RMC-180 controller to select up to four 16x9 windows which could be positioned with a joystick as well as resized from any part of the original 4K signal. You can now have the following shots: 

  1. Wide angle of the band
  2. A close up shot of the lead singer
  3. Close up drummer and drum set
  4. Close up of piano player.  
These 4 virtual camera signals (up to 1080p) could be connected to any HD-SDI switcher, giving the illusion of a multi camera production when in reality, you only have one 4K camera.
“Finally, it’s viable to use a 4K camera in live multi-camera production,” states Craig Moffat, Managing Director of Datavideo US. “Imagine how convenient it would be to set up a live video production for concerts, press conferences, sporting events, or a worship service. No camera operator needed and minimal set-up time – a real game changer for live video producers.”

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