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For over 90 years, Electro Voice has designed and engineered leading-edge sound reinforcement solutions – products that empower the performer, exceed the expectations of the audio professional and elevate the audience experience. Generations of hands-on professional knowledge is geared towards producing a portfolio of best-in-class speakers and microphones.

Model: Everse 12

The EVERSE 12 is a versatile, easy to use, compact, battery-powered loudspeaker system. It provides professional level performance and is housed in a robust weatherized enclosure.
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New at InfoComm 2009: EVF Loudspeakers
Posted on Wednesday, July 15, 2009
New at InfoComm 2009: EVF Loudspeakers
Orlando, Florida, June 17, 2009: Electro-Voice is pleased to introduce the EVF series of loudspeakers for installed sound at InfoComm 2009.
Part of the EV-Innovation (EV-I) loudspeaker family, the EVF Series of two-way, front-loaded, full-range systems is available with 12” or 15” woofers, a wide range of coverage patterns, and includes low-frequency systems. The EVF Series offers exceptional versatility for fixed-install applications where high-quality audio is required in a compact, lightweight, and simple-to-use package.
The EVF Seriesutilizes high-order crossover networks to seamlessly integrate the new SMX low-frequency transducer with the new ND2B compression driver, offering very low distortion and excellent off-axis response. 22 threaded suspension points can be used with optional suspension kits to easily create several horizontal or vertical array configurations. All models are available in three versions: EVCoat for interior use, PI for indirect weather exposure, and FG (fiberglass) finish, for direct exposure. All versions are available in black or white.
The EVF two-way 12” full-range loudspeaker model is designated EVF-1122S. Six different rotatable waveguides are available, ranging from 60° x 40° to 120° x 60°:
  • EVF-1122S/64         60° x 40°
  • EVF-1122S/66         60° x 60°
  • EVF-1122S/94         90° x 40°
  • EVF-1122S/96         90° x 60°
  • EVF-1122S/99         90° x 90°
  • EVF-1122S/126      120° x 60°
The EVF two-way, 15”, full-range loudspeaker model is designated EVF-1152S. Six different rotatable waveguides are available, ranging from 40° x 30° to 90° x 90°:
  • EVF-1152S/43         40° x 30°
  • EVF-1152S/64         60° x 40°
  • EVF-1152S/66         60° x 60°
  • EVF-1152S/94         90° x 40°
  • EVF-1152S/96         90° x 60°
  • EVF-1152S/99         90° x 90°
The EVF series features three front-loaded low-frequency models: EVF-1121S (12”), EVF-1151S (15”), and EVF-1181S (18”).
EVF’s innovative input panels provide the choice of Phoenix-type connectors (included in all standard models), or allow the easy addition of a dual NL4-type connector cover plate or gland nut cover plate (for weatherizing applications). An externally accessible jumper also selects passive or active operation, and an available 70.7/100V transformer kit simply mounts to the input panel for use in distributed systems. All features provide the flexibility to manage more venues with less equipment, while quickly and precisely addressing customer requirements.
Key features:
  • ND2B 2” (51 mm) diaphragm, 1.4” (36 mm) exit pure titanium compression driver
  • Convenient threaded rigging points for multiple configurations.
  • Very high maximum SPL output capability with extremely low distortion level.
  • Available in black or white in one of three versions: EVCoat™ (interior use), PI (indirect weather exposure), and FG (fiberglass - direct exposure).
  • SMX LF transducers with fully symmetric drive.
  • Advanced fourth order crossover network with HF protection.
  • Constant Directivity™ rotatable waveguides.
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