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Important Announcement -­ Kramer VIA
Posted on Thursday, September 17, 2015

iOS 9 Update

17 September 2015

Important Announcement ?­ Kramer VIA

Apple has recently announced a number of exciting new products and upgrades at their annual September product launch.  As an innovator, Apple continually strives to improve everything about their products and as part of their announcement they are going to introduce a new generation of their Apple TV product and iOS version 9.    
With the introduction of this new generation of Apple TV, Apple also changed their AirPlay protocols in iOS 9 to offer enhanced performance. As a result of this change the full iOS mirroring capabilities of Kramer’s VIA product line, the VIA Collage and VIA Connect PRO, will initially not be compatible with devices utilizing iOS 9.

Important Note!

Full iOS mirroring with Kramer VIA Solutions will continue to be 100% compatible with Apple devices that utilize iOS version 8 or lower.  
iOS 9 devices will still have the full VIA functionality and the ability to share content wirelessly using the VIA mobile app.
Meanwhile, our engineers are hard at work perfecting the protocols in our Kramer VIA solutions that will enable full iOS mirroring capability with Apple devices incorporating iOS 9. As soon as we have achieved this compatibility we will announce and release an upgrade for our products to the market accordingly.
Feel free to contact us and we will be happy to answer your queries and questions. 
Also, please check our dedicated VIA mini site at www.true? for updates as they become available. We also encourage you to keep an eye on industry media outlets as we will be sure to supply them immediately with the news once we have successfully achieved our goal of full iOS mirroring compatibility with iOS 9.

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