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Posted on Thursday, September 15, 2011

 New York, NY––A fixture of New York nightlife, the Las Vegas-based Tao Group’s LAVO NY combines a popular full-service “nineteenth century Italian bistro” with a multi-layered ultra-lounge/nightclub downstairs.

Advanced Audio Technology of New York (, a New York-based integrator run by Joseph Lodi, Angelo Poulos and Jason Ojeda that specializes in clubs, restaurants and lounges, was approached to provide audio, video, lighting and programming for the luxurious multi-level facility.

Asked about the club owners’ requirements, Lodi explains, “In terms of audio, the club wanted something powerful that had studio quality sound. Basically, the English sound of Martin Audio, which, to us, means overall warmth, presence at any type of volume level, and a lot of clarity as well. 

“For the club and dance floor, we used 8 Martin Audio W8LMi line array speakers with four W8LMD downfill enclosures and four Martin Audio W8DVQs, all ceiling-mounted. That plus six WS218X dual 18" high output subs also ceiling-mounted, two floor-mounted Martin Audio ASX 21” single subs and two of our own Advanced Audio ST-4 Custom Slot Tweeter Arrays, also ceiling mounted.”

The DJ booth on the main dance floor features an Advanced Audio DJC-1 custom DJ console with adjustable CD and Computer arms; Pioneer DJM 800 Pre Amplifier Music Mixer with proprietary AATNY components to upgrade the preamp section, a Pioneer CD J2000 turntable, two Technics SL 1200 vinyl turntables; a Rane Serrato SL 3 Audio File Interface and Littlelight lighting fixtures. Speakers for the DJ booth include two Martin Audio LE 2100 ceiling mounted monitors and four Martin Audio S 115 floor mounted sub bass monitors.

Upstairs in the restaurant, which required a sound system that can provide both background music and deliver more powerful coverage for LAVO’s high-energy Saturday Brunches, there are eight Martin Audio C10.1 C/R 10" Ceiling Series full range two way loudspeakers along with four Martin Audio CS Ceiling Series sub bass loudspeaker in the front bar area.

These are supplemented by four Martin Audio W8VDQs for the main restaurant area and lounge, eight Martin Audio WTUB dual 6", triple 1" Dome two way loudspeakers, eight Advanced Audio S 115 Single 15" subs and two Advanced Audio S212TLBP Dual 12” subs.

The first floor DJ booth features the same setup as the one downstairs, along with two Advanced Audio TT-8 High Output Single 8" two way loudspeakers and an
Advanced Audio S 115 Single 15" sub.

14 Martin Audio C6.8T Ceiling Series speakers were used throughout the restaurant for baths and private areas. Amplification throughout the club is from McIntosh and Lab Gruppen with a total of 150,000 watts of power for all floors.

For maximum flexibility and control, the club’s system processing is built around Advanced Audio’s SA-1 analog processor and Martin Audio’s DX-2 programmable digital processor, along with key components from BSS Blu and Klark-Teknik.

Discussing the outcome of the LAVO NY project, Lodi explains, “I’m extremely satisfied with the Martin Audio system that we put in there. It has that British high-end hi-fi system style sound that delivers exceptional clarity and resolution throughout the venue. 

“On top of that,” Lodi concludes, “the client can get powerful club style coverage in the restaurant when needed, plus a lot of high impact sound downstairs for the dance floor, lounge and VIP areas. Martin Audio gives us the flexibility to deliver power, clarity and control on all levels of LAVO NY. Plus the owners love the speakers and are very pleased with the system throughout the venue.”

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