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For over 80 years, passion and innovation continue to drive Peerless-AV forward. We proudly design and manufacture the highest quality products, including outdoor displays and TVs, dvLED and LCD video wall systems, complete integrated kiosks, and professional carts and stands. Peerless-AV develops meaningful relationships and delivers world-class service.

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The Peerless-AV® SEAMLESS Kitted Universal dvLED Mounting System features a slim and versatile design. The DS-LEDUNV is adaptable for most latching dvLED displays.
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Tips for Extending the Life of an Outdoor TV
Posted on Friday, June 17, 2022
Tips for Extending the Life of an Outdoor TV

After purchasing an outdoor-rated TV for an open-air living space, knowing how to keep a device working properly for an extended life is key to enjoyment. Here are some tips for caring for an outdoor TV.

Placement and Installation

A major aspect of extending the life of an outdoor TV is to ensure it’s not being placed in conditions it’s not made for or that will expose it to dangers. Never place a TV that is not rated to withstand sun exposure in an area of direct sunlight. Doing so can result in an isotropic blackout–temporary black spots on the screen, or permanent LCD panel damage.

Always be sure to install an outdoor TV securely and properly to ensure it does not have the risk of falling out of place or being exposed to additional harm. An AV solution should never be placed in areas where they can be a hazard, including near firepits/fireplaces, grills, or hot tubs.

Knowing Water-resistant v. Waterproof

There is a distinct difference between water-resistant and waterproof. Water-resistant means a device can resist water intrusion to an extent, but cannot withstand being submerged in water, while waterproof indicates a device is impermeable to water and can be fully submerged and still functional. To ensure a long life for an outdoor TV, checking and understanding how much water it can or cannot withstand is a vital element.

Durable Mounts

It’s important to make sure the mount supporting the device is able to withstand weather and fully support the TV’s size and weight. All Neptune™ Partial Sun Series TVs come with a mount included ($199 USD value), made specifically to support them securely.

This all-season mount is specially coated with a protective anti-corrosive e-coating that repels against damaging temperature-related and outdoor corrosive elements – All important features to look for when shopping for a mounting solution, in addition to the below.

Outdoor Mount Features


Be sure to know how much maintenance the outdoor TV will need, and what exactly to keep up with. Consider cleaning and dusting an outdoor TV as needed, and ensuring all cables and outlets are weatherproof and functioning properly.

Most Peerless-AV devices are constructed to be maintenance-free, but it is always a good idea to check manuals and reviews for any outdoor TV’s recommended maintenance.


The best tip we can offer for extending the life of an outdoor TV would be to choose one that was designed with all these aspects in mind, like the Neptune Partial Sun Series. As a device that can withstand rain, snow, and extreme temperatures (-22°F to 122°F), this TV is sure to last.

By designing AV solutions that can be exposed to partial sunlight, come with a customized mount, and keep maintenance to a minimum, Peerless-AV solutions ensure less stress and more time to enjoy an outdoor entertainment space.

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