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For over 80 years, passion and innovation continue to drive Peerless-AV forward. We proudly design and manufacture the highest quality products, including outdoor displays and TVs, dvLED and LCD video wall systems, complete integrated kiosks, and professional carts and stands. Peerless-AV develops meaningful relationships and delivers world-class service.

Model: DS-LEDUNV Preconfigured Models

The Peerless-AV® SEAMLESS Kitted Universal dvLED Mounting System features a slim and versatile design. The DS-LEDUNV is adaptable for most latching dvLED displays.
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Celebrating AV for Drive-Thru Appreciation Day
Posted on Monday, July 24, 2023
Celebrating AV for Drive-Thru Appreciation Day

July 24, 2023 - July 24th marks the annual celebration of Drive-Thru Appreciation Day! Without the help of high-quality AV, drive-thrus and quick-service restaurants wouldn’t be what they are today. Check out some of the solutions we’re proud of in celebration of all the innovative AV equipment that makes drive-thrus seamless.

Why digital menu boards?

When it comes to drive-thrus, efficiency is key. Customers opting for the drive-thru are looking for a higher level of convenience, wanting easily legible, accurate, and quick information.

Digital signage ensures all menu items are visible, providing customers with a full picture of what is offered, including discounts or limited-time offers, potentially increasing sales.

Outdoor-certified, bright, and high-resolution solutions ensure it is easy to read in various lighting, unlike static signage which can fade over time, requiring both money and time to replace. These aspects make digital signage both functional in outdoor elements and aesthetically pleasing for consumers. Digital signage is also easy to adapt to share menu updates and communicate timely information, like new menu items, updated pricing, and more.

What makes a good digital menu board?

When looking for digital menu boards, operators should seek out solutions with an IP rating of 66 or higher. This rating indicates it will be waterproof and weatherproof against rain, snow, dirt, and dust.

Solutions certified to perform well in a wide range of lighting conditions are also important to ensure customer satisfaction during the day, at night, or on cloudy days. With optically bonded displays with built-in polarization, customers can easily read the information displayed, whether in harsh sunlight or overcast conditions, even when wearing sunglasses.

A high-resolution screen is also essential. A full HD 1080p resolution will make sure the menu board always displays a crisp picture. IK10-rated devices can also be helpful when considering outdoor solutions. The tempered cover glass protects the screen against vandalism and debris.

Peerless-AV® Products Make Drive-Thrus Efficient for All

Peerless-AV’s Universal Outdoor Digital Menu Boards are the perfect choice for operators and drive-thru customers. These menu boards are all-weather rated and maintain a low operating cost, year-round. Available in single, double, or triple screen configurations, these menu boards support leading 55” outdoor display brands offering adaptability for all drive-thru digital signage needs!

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