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For over 80 years, passion and innovation continue to drive Peerless-AV forward. We proudly design and manufacture the highest quality products, including outdoor displays and TVs, dvLED and LCD video wall systems, complete integrated kiosks, and professional carts and stands. Peerless-AV develops meaningful relationships and delivers world-class service.

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The Peerless-AV® SEAMLESS Kitted Universal dvLED Mounting System features a slim and versatile design. The DS-LEDUNV is adaptable for most latching dvLED displays.
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Peerless-AV® Launches New SmartMount Carts at ISE 2024
Posted on Monday, January 22, 2024
Peerless-AV® Launches New SmartMount Carts at ISE 2024

Minimalistic frame, easy doorway accessibility, integrated cable management for power for modern meeting and classroom spaces.

AURORA, Ill – January 22, 2024 – AV technology pioneer Peerless-AV® will be announcing a total reimagining of its range of mobile cart solutions with the launch of all-new, redesigned models boasting a lower cost design, greener footprint, and a host of new and unique design features. The new, fully featured SR860 and SR898 SmartMount® Flat Panel Carts and new PR565 Paramount® Flat Panel Carts complement the existing range, offering customers a wider choice of options for large format or interactive display deployment in any corporate, education, public sector, house of worship, event or showroom application. See the first-time showing of these new models on Booth 3R300 at ISE 2024.

"We're thrilled about the unveiling of our latest innovation, and we're confident that our customers and valued partners will share in our excitement,” said John Potts, President at Peerless-AV. “Through a commitment to ongoing enhancement, environmental mindfulness, and a keen understanding of evolving user requirements, our latest cart solutions will meet the needs of consumers, ensuring seamless installation, effortless handling, and convenient storage."

First impressions from visitors to the Peerless-AV booth at ISE will be the difference in the overall appearance of the new SR860 and SR898 from the existing SR560M and SR598 models, that are continuing alongside. The elegant, tubular design is a significant evolution from the existing range and the functionality improvements will make these a winner amongst the competition.

The frame is tested to UL load requirements for peace of mind when hanging larger heavier displays and can easily glide through small doorways as small as 30” wide - a unique selling point. The frame is also optimized for transporting and storing multiple carts in a reduced footprint. The legs offer more space when interacting with the display, making it more accessible to people in wheelchairs, and the carts will fit under a table for video conferencing use. Vertical adjustment settings allow users and presenters to achieve the optimal height. On the SR860 and SR898 five height settings can be adjusted at increments of approximately 100mm, 1.26m to 49.8 – 65.9” from the floor. Users have up to 5° of plumb adjustment for display leveling.

The carts come out of the box in reduced size, greener packaging and have an even easier-to-assemble consolidated set-up, with only one tool needed to build in full, by one person, in under 15 minutes. Cable tubing runs up the legs and, on the SR860 and SR898 models, a hinged rear cover hides storage for the integrated 1.5m IEC power cable that is kept tidily, and quietly, in place with a magnetically secured cord wrap for when moving or storing - another USP. A fixed shelf on all three models provides a convenient location for laptops and stationery.

A further design feature on the two new SmartMount models, that raises the bar for cart aesthetics, is the removable rear cover that sits behind the display to conceal, and provide ample space, for cabling, media players, or mini PCs, secured in place by an optional ACC-UCM accessory. Made from ABS plastic, the cover has been constructed of ideal materials to permit the pass-through of Wi-Fi signals. This cover feature is ideal for meeting rooms with glass walls where a display cannot be mounted so a cart solution is needed that looks attractive from both sides of the glass.

The SR860 supports 43” to 75”+ displays with a maximum load of 125lb and the SR898 supports 55” to 110”+ displays with a load of 300 lbs. The PR565 supports 55” to 75”+ displays with a load of 150 lbs.

All the existing carts, including the SmartMount SR560M, SR560-FLIP2, and SR598 now feature a three-part base, which means smaller, more sustainable packaging with a reduced carbon footprint and lower shipping and logistics costs for customers.

Visit the Peerless-AV Booth #3R300 to see these new mobile carts, together with a host of coming soon, redesigned SmartMount articulating mounts and an all-new installer-friendly, integrated mount system, plus must-see custom and Universal dvLED, kiosk, outdoor, and EV charging solutions. Register for ISE 2024 for free using code A8FZZ74K.

For more information on the full range of Peerless-AV mounts and solutions visit Connect with Peerless-AV® via social media on Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Facebook, and YouTube.


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