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STEWART AUDIO SHIPPING DSP 4X4 Compact Digital Matrix Mixer
Posted on Tuesday, October 1, 2013
STEWART AUDIO SHIPPING DSP 4X4 Compact Digital Matrix Mixer  Sonora, CA – October 2013… Stewart Audio, manufacturer of the finest quality American made audio products for legacy or network applications, is pleased to introduce the DSP4x4.This state of the art product is designed to address most problems impacting sound quality in typical installations from speaker matching to room acoustics. The DSP 4x4 is an affordable way to add DSP processing to new or existing installations. With 4 Line/Mic inputs and 4 outputs, the DSP 4X4 is ideal for presentation systems and mixed-zone applications, where larger count DSP’s are either too expensive or leave many channels unused. With fixed chain architecture and powerful processing in a compact package, this product is the perfect solution in either an equipment rack or in the listening environment.


The signal path includes a variety of blocks, including multiple gain stages, ducker, EQ, compressor, full matrix mixer, limiter and delay.  Inputs can be either line or mic level with 24V phantom power available.  The set-and-forget configuration is done through the front USB port via an intuitive Windows™ user interface program. This powerful, yet easy-to-use program speeds setup with the capability to copy the configuration from one channel to other channels, or copy the entire device configuration to multiple devices. To minimize setup errors, all DSP block values appear with a simple mouse over and mute or bypassed blocks are clearly tagged. The RS232 allows for preset programs to be used for applications like room combining. With the remote volume control (RVC) and RS-232 interface ports, sound level can be controlled through a wide range of devices.



Brian McCormick, Chief Marketing Officer for Stewart Audio, commented on the company’s new DSP product offering. “With the resurgence of Made in America, the Stewart Audio DSP 4X4 is proof we can develop affordable quality products in the states.” said McCormick. “We’ve develop a product that is scaled for small channel count applications but with many of the features found in higher channel count equipment. Versatility and simplicity make this digital matrix mixer a powerful tool for integrator and consultants alike. All Stewart Audio products are backed by a comprehensive 3 year warranty.”


About Stewart Audio

Since 1982, Stewart Audio’s singular focus has been making a difference in sound reinforcement. The company’s broad array of compact standard and network products span both the analog and digital worlds. Stewart Audio’s innovative end points make AV both affordable and practical. With a commitment to quality and performance, we provide our customers with a broad range of solutions that leverage RS232 control, DSP and Networked AV. Stewart Audio’s customer centric products are designed and manufactured in California, U.S.A. For additional information, visit Stewart Audio online at


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