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Stewart Audio Introduces AV25 and CVA Series Sub-compact Power Amps
Posted on Friday, October 16, 2009
Power, small footprint, and flexible mounting options ideal for myriad of installations


Sonora, CA – October 2009… Stewart Audio, manufacturer of the finest quality American made amplifiers for a wide range of sound reinforcement applications, is pleased to introduce three new subcompact power amplifiers: the AV25 and the CVA Series, which includes the CVA-25 and CVA-50. With each model weighing less than 1 pound, these ultra-compact, versatile power amplifiers are specifically designed to be located in places typically off limits to traditional-sized amplifiers—without compromising sound quality or power. Equally significant, these amplifiers are ENERGY STAR compliant and incorporate Stewart Audio’s proprietary Signal Sense Power Technology™ (SSPT™) that ensures the amplifier is only powered when there is a signal present, thus saving energy and extending product life.


 The Stewart Audio AV25, CVA-25, and CVA-50 are all Plenum rated and are designed to provide convenience and installation flexibility above the ceiling or in other environmental air spaces. This feature makes these amplifiers a great choice for concealing the unit to prevent theft and is also extremely useful when space is limited. With available pole and universal mounting brackets, these innovative power amps can be pole mounted, attached behind flat panel displays, recessed in lecterns, and placed in countless other locations—making them an exceptional choice for hospitality applications, presentation spaces, and classrooms with AV projection systems or flat panel video displays.


So tiny in size that it sits comfortably on one’s palm, Stewart Audio’s quarter-rack sized AV25 is a two channel, class D power amplifier designed to drive both 4- and 8-Ohm loads at 35W and 25W per channel respectively. Designed for sonic accuracy, high efficiency, and extended duty cycles, the AV25 features clean, full, dynamic range power that makes this unit ideal for both background music and speech. The rear panel has LEDs for power, signal presence, and clipping, and its recessed gain controls ensure against accidental changes in output level. Additional features include remote volume control, balanced/unbalanced input, and an external inline power supply.


Like the AV25, Stewart Audio’s new CVA-25 and CVA-50 power amplifiers are ultra-compact, quarter-rack sized models. These mono, Class D power amps are designed to drive both 25V and 70V distributed systems—outputting 25W and 50W respectively. Featuring sonic accuracy, high efficiency, low power consumption, and extended duty cycles, the new CVA-25 and CVA-50 deliver clean, full-range dynamic power and incorporate a rich feature set designed to meet the requirements of fixed installations. The rear panels of these amplifiers have LEDs for power, signal presence, and clipping, and their recessed gain controls ensure against accidental changes in output level. Further, these versatile amplifiers feature remote volume control, balanced/unbalanced input, and an external inline power supply.


Brian McCormick, Chief Marketing Officer for Stewart Audio, commented on the company’s new power amp offerings. “The Stewart Audio AV25, CVA-25, and CVA-50 power amps are quite unique in their ability to address a wide range of installed sound applications,” said McCormick. “The fact that these amps are both ENERGY STAR compliant and Plenum rated enables these units to be concealed in ways that are simply out of the question for many larger amplifiers where heat and proper ventilation become major concerns. With the available mounting brackets, these amplifiers can go just about anywhere. As an example, the amplifiers can easily be positioned adjacent to ceiling mounted projectors using the pole mounting bracket.  These American made amplifiers deliver first-rate audio quality, offer the features contractors require, and are backed by a comprehensive 3 year warranty.”


The Stewart Audio AV25, CVA-25, and CVA-50 power amps are available now. MSRP for these models is as follows:


1.    AV25:            $259.


2.    CVA-25:        $289.


3.    CVA-50:        $359.


About Stewart Audio


Stewart Audio is a leader in lightweight, convection cooled power amplifiers that produce excellent sound with a difference you can hear. The company continues to leverage its core technical competencies to solve everyday problems faced by sound consultants, contractors, musicians, and audio professionals. Stewart Audio’s customer centric products are designed and manufactured in California, U.S.A. For additional information, visit Stewart Audio online at


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