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VITEC is a worldwide leading provider of innovative digital video products that support end-to-end media solutions for all industries that utilize a video workflow. VITEC’s professional-grade video technologies have changed the landscape of how video is processed and delivered around the world and drive many of the major video services in key vertical markets.

Model: MGW Diamond - 2x HD or 1x4K channel

MGW Diamond – Dual channel HEVC/H.264 HD/SD – System Portable HEVC and H.264 Dual Channel Encoder. Encodes and streams 2x HD/SD sources simultaneously. 2 channels with encoding resolutions up to 1920x
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VITEC Launches Secure Gateway for Anytime, Anywhere IP Contribution and Distribution
Posted on Thursday, June 18, 2020
VITEC Launches Secure Gateway for Anytime, Anywhere IP Contribution and Distribution

VITEC, a worldwide leader in advanced video encoding and streaming solutions, today announced its new MGW ChannelLink IP distribution gateway. Designed for broadcast, corporate, and government, the appliance acts as a central hub where IP channels from the field can be received and reliably retransmitted live over any IP network. It can receive a large number of input streams and translate them into a multicast or unicast MPEG Transport Stream over UDP (UDP TS) or an SRT-protected stream.

“More and more video feeds are sent live over various IP transmission links, making it complex for organizations to efficiently and reliably manage them,” said Richard Bernard, Senior Product Manager, VITEC. “Our new MGW ChannelLink allows organizations to deliver IP content anywhere, anytime with the ease of legacy baseband video matrices. It is designed to ensure support of more transport protocols in the future, allowing any organization to stay abreast of technology as it evolves.”

VITEC’s MGW ChannelLink is ideal for stream management, routing, rebroadcasting, or IPTV stream reflection over WAN or the internet. For broadcasters, it simplifies content delivery of live channels from news agencies as well as from sports or entertainment venues. Designed to meet stringent security criteria, it is also suited for secure government and military full-motion video applications.

As latency is key to any IP streaming application, MGW ChannelLink achieves the lowest processing time for IP-based channels. When used in conjunction with VITEC’s MGW Ace Encoder and Decoder in its ultra-low-latency HEVC profile, the gateway provides the best end-to-end latency without compromising video quality. The solution enables remote production and contribution over the internet and avoids the use of expensive fiber or satellite transmission infrastructure, leading to dramatically reduced OPEX.

MGW ChannelLink is fully interoperable with third-party encoders and decoders. In addition, the compression-standard-agnostic gateway is compatible with MPEG-2, H.264, and HEVC codecs, any resolution and frame rate (SD, HD, 4K, and more), and is engineered to evolve and support future transport protocols. Tailored to streamline IP video contribution, backhaul, and distribution, users benefit from the solution’s straightforward interface. They can manage all incoming channels from around the world and view information and statistics, such as quality of the network link and packet loss. The gateway also provides users with a centralized location for aggregating content and monitoring incoming streams. Designed to facilitate the setup for operators, a large number of channel sources (encoders) spread around the globe can be set to target a single IP address associated with the MGW ChannelLink. Additionally, the user-friendly interface is designed to simplify channel source-to-destination routing.

VITEC encoders and decoders are capable of encrypting audio and video streams. MGW ChannelLink handles the management of such encrypted streams to secure content end to end.

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