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VITEC is a worldwide leading provider of innovative digital video products that support end-to-end media solutions for all industries that utilize a video workflow. VITEC’s professional-grade video technologies have changed the landscape of how video is processed and delivered around the world and drive many of the major video services in key vertical markets.

Model: MGW Diamond - 2x HD or 1x4K channel

MGW Diamond – Dual channel HEVC/H.264 HD/SD – System Portable HEVC and H.264 Dual Channel Encoder. Encodes and streams 2x HD/SD sources simultaneously. 2 channels with encoding resolutions up to 1920x
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Make Streaming Video Waves this Summer with a Seamless IPTV Experience for Cruise Guests
Posted on Thursday, May 11, 2023
Make Streaming Video Waves this Summer with a Seamless IPTV Experience for Cruise Guests

Encourage repeat business by delivering top-tier accommodation that enhances guest engagement using cutting-edge on-board technology during their cruise experience.

Revolutionizing Guest Experience with Digital Signage

May 11, 2023 - VITEC provides hospitality video solutions that enhance the cruise guest experience with world-class global hospitality technology brands and local experts to deliver innovative, integrated guest entertainment and information solutions.

  • Entertain with an interactive in-cabin experience.
  • Enable your guests to keep up with their favourite TV shows while they travel the world.
  • Engage guests with dynamic Digital Signage.
  • Manage your complete solution from a central location.

Excite repeat guests, attract new ones and create memorable experiences by delivering an interactive TV and video experience on any device.

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Digital Signage and Infotainment Upgraded by VITEC

In addition to in-cabin infotainment, the VITEC system also powers public screens in areas such as reception and lounges, with digital signage displaying news channels, weather, events, restaurant/bar opening times, as well as live sports events, all managed centrally by the system administrator. Safety measures are also taken into consideration with the ability to automatically mute all TVs when emergency signals and announcements are in progress.

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